CWG Sandbox Protocol

If you read this forum post you may come to the conclusion that I'm not particularly happy.. You would be right.

The CWG Sandbox is a fantastic reference source for all of us.

But some simple courtesy reminders seem to be in order.

When someone builds a model in the sandbox, they typically do it for a specific purpose.

  • Sometimes it is asking for help and they refer to that model in the forums. 
    • When they do this, typically they create a forum post asking for help
    • In this case, certainly change the model, adding your specific recommendation, using naming conventions that indicate this to be the case
  • Sometimes it is for their own testing to see what is different between their system and a out of the box system
  • Sometimes they do it so that examples given in CWG conferences can be referenced by others later

I'd like to remind you that, unless specifically asked for help or specifically asked to change a model, PLEASE do not modify someone elses model.

If you need to test a different scenario, please BUILD YOUR OWN MODEL!!!

People put a lot of time and effort into building these things.. Highjacking them for your own purposes is, in my opinion, simply not a professional thing to do.

End of rant... Thanks for listening.