CWG Chapters

The Board of Directors is currently forming local and regional CWG Chapters globally. 

Our mission is to provide information and education about the SAP Variant Configuration (VC), the Internet Pricing Configurator (IPC), and SAP CRM configurators and historically the primary venue for this information sharing and networking has been either this website or at the European Conference in the Spring and the North American CWG Conference in the Fall.

Each CWG Chapter has their own website page and please visit for more information by clicking on the Chapter Title below.

With 500+ member companies, 250+ partner companies and 2,500+ members, not everyone can or will attend a European or North American conference to get specific answers to questions or meet and network with other VC and IPC professionals.  This website has been the only alternative to the two conferences per year. 

So, the CWG Board is enabling companies and members to have their own "mini conferences" to discuss and share issues, network and find out how to solve some of those tough problems through the formation of local CWG Chapters with face-to-face meetings and webinars.  Each Chapter will also have a specific Chapter LinkedIn Group for networking and receiving Chapter announcements   There is also a LinkedIn Group for all CWG members.

Chapters are designed to share and discuss issues that you may have in your everyday implementation, integration or modeling problems.  It is also a place to learn more about the VC and IPC.  Education is one of the primary goals and now this can be accomplished on a local level. 

The CWG Chapter has to be self-sufficient though.  We encourage their formation and will assist in building the member base and helping to get out the message to local members, and sharing information presented at the chapters, and the Chapter in return has the freedom to meet and have presentations about their local issues.

If you have an interest in forming a CWG Chapter in your area contact us here

For more information on each Chapter click on the menu entry for the chapter or if you are interested in either forming or joining a Chapter in your area please send an email to CWG Secretary or the CWG Vice President

Norddeutsches Chapter der CWG

Norddeutsches Chapter der CWG 

Sehr geehrte SAP Variantenkonfigurationsnutzer und –Nutzerinnen und User der CWG. Auf der letzten CWG Konferenz in Prag wurde diskutiert, ob es nicht endlich an der Zeit wäre, ein norddeutsches Chapter der CWG zu gründen, um uns auch im hohen Norden mit Ideen und Fragen rund um die SAP Konfiguration intensiver und besser austauschen zu können.


Carolinas (North and South Carolina, USA) Chapter

CWG members in North and South Carolina will have their first opportunity to meet in a webinar on August 19th from 2 to 4PM.  Scott Perdue is serving as the lead to help organize this Chapter.  This meeting will include presentations on "CWG Update" and "PDR - an SAP hidden gem" and gathering of ideas from member companies on scheduling next meetings.  Please REGISTER for the webinar by clicking on this link.

An eMail invitation has been sent to CWG members in North Carolina and South Carolina to join the Chapter and many have already joined the LinkedIn Group for the CWG Carolinas Chapter.  This is a location where you can collaborate and network with other CWG members in the Carolinas and a place to start and participate in discussion forums. 


Niagara Region CWG Chapter

The Niagara Region is defined as Upstate and Western New York State including Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse and Binghamton, and Northern Pennsylvania including Erie.  It also includes the area between Niagara Falls in Canada East to include Greater Toronto and to the West to include Kitchener, Quelph, Waterloo and London, Ontario.   The boundary is not exact and if you live or work near this geographic area, you are welcome to join us.


First live meeting of the South German CWG Chapter

The first live meeting took place on Wednesday 18th of July 2012 at SAP in Walldorf. Participants of 9 CWG member companies (18 people) and 2 guys from SAP took part.

We had a time frame from 1 to 6 p.m.

All the participating companies had prepared presentations on what exactly they do with VC/IPC and adjacent topics within their organisations.

We spent almost all of the time for these very detailed presentations and some discussions around them.

There will be a follow up meeting in late October.




Alexander Auffinger