Beer or No Beer - Bring Your Business Cards!!

Hey out there in CWG land...

Are you coming to the conference in Fort Lauderdale??

Do you like Beer?

This year, Beer or No Beer will make an appearance!!! But there will be a twist... And I won't tell you about it until we actually get there..

I will tell you this...

Bring your business cards... Not just one or two, but a stack of them!

Here is what you might win;


Polls for 2018 conferences are open

Hey CWG community,

time for voting!
We would like to find our conference locations for 2018.

Please use the TAB 'Polls' on top of the webpage to find your chance to influence the next locations.

The polls are open until tuesday 10th october US time and the results will be announced at the conference in Fort Lauderdale!

Looking forward to the result!




Have you Registered for Fort Lauderdale?

Hello CWG Members,

As you might know, the October CWG Conference is fast approaching.

I'll be there again, presenting an overview on each master data object utilized in a Variant Configuration model. While targeted at the beginner in Variant Configuration, you just never know.. Maybe there will be a nugget in there for you.. And maybe just maybe, I might play the infamous "Beer or No Beer" game..


$SUM_PARTS and $COUNT_PARTS Example in the Sand Box

Hi everyone,

I have been roaming the SandBox in the last few days as I was prototyping a way to count up doors for a project I am on.  I have reached a solution for that based on some forum postings that the knowledgable Steve Schneider had contributed on using a "count" characteristic.  However I will save that for another day, as it is nearly midnight and I have to give a demo in the morning.


The New Advanced Variant Configuration Engine is Available!

Lots of hard work has lead to the release of S\4 HANA 1708.

This release DOES contain the new SAP Advanced Variant Configuration Engine (known as the AVC)..

You can see a series of short videos about the AVC at this link;

The next major milestone is the 1709 release which is the On Premise version of S\4 HANA. This ALSO contains the new AVC!