In Memoriam Don Cochran, past CWG President

With a deep sense of sadness and loss, I would like to let all CWG members know that Don Cochran, past CWG President and a long time business partner and friend, passed away on February 10th, 2018, after a long battle with illness.

With permission of his family I am including a few pictures and would like to encourage all of you who knew Don and would like to leave a comment or a photo to help us remember him and honor his contribution to the CWG, to do so below. I will be glad to gather and forward all comments to his family.


Poll for European Conference 2019 is open now

Hey CWG Community,

time is running and we already thinking about the european conference in 2019.
The poll for our locations is set up and open, so please think about your travel budget and make your choice, so that you can be part of the 2019 conference.

You can find the poll unter the tab 'POLLs' on top of our website.

Deadline is tuesday 17th april 2018 and we will share the result at the conference in Berlin!

We are looking forward to the result and hopefully see you in Berlin



Berlin Blues

No, I'm not singing. And I don't have the Blues..But since I'm listening to some good blues right now, it seemed to fit..

I'm thinking about what to present in Berlin at our upcoming CWG Conference..

While I enjoy presenting, I'd kind of like to do something more... Engaging.. Fun...Most importantly, meaningful to you!

In order to do that, I need some help from you..

The last 2 conferences have been... Well... Kind of light on "Ask the Experts" questions..