The AMR Research survey is now closed.  Thank you to those that contributed. 

AMR Research partnered with CWG and asked the CWG membership to participate in a study about using Configurator Solutions in everyday manufacturing situations.  This study is for ALL CWG Members, not just the attendees at the 2009 North American CWG Conference in Marco Island.

Take the opportunity to start your networking early and relax after your travel to the Hilton Hotel.  Weather permitting, we hope to have this gathering outside on the 11th floor penthouse terrace where you can meet others attending the conference.  

It is an informal gathering of members to rekindle old acquaintances and to meet new people.  CWG Board members will be on hand to greet new members or first-time attendees and answer any questions you may have.

This Meet and Greet is sponsored by Cincom.   Sunday night beginning at 7:00PM until ????. 

The 2009 North American CWG Conference "Early Bird" registration date has been extended one week to September 11, 2009.   So, you people that have waited until the last minute have one more week to get your approvals and still get the lower conference rate.  Make your arrangements now and REGISTER HERE.   This conference has some very interesting presentations and new this year for CWG is a detail list of the presentations prior to the conference so you can get a much better idea what you are going to miss if you don't register.  So, no more procrastination!

There are several presentations that are already scheduled for the 2009 North American CWG Conference being held at Marco Island in October.  There are many new categories being presented for the first time, updates from SAP, three training workshops after the conference and several hands-on workshops.

It's time to mark your calendar for October 5 through 7, get permission to come and make your reservations for the 2009 North American CWG Conference in Marco Island, FL.  This year's conference will be something you don't want to miss, with a Keynote Speaker, some updates on new projects, updates from SAP and 3 training workshops after the conference.

The Hilton Hotel is a great place to meet and have some fun too.

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  The 2009 North American CWG Conference still has a few sponsor slots open. 
Contact: for more information. 
  The German language version is now available and the long awaited English language version has been promised to be ready for the 2009 North American CWG Conference in October at Marco Island.
  In early June, 2009 the CWG Board of Directors approved an initiative to charter local or regional Chapters.  The concept is not new because there has been a very successful chapter in Western Michigan in the USA based in Grand Rapids that was the model for the formation and expanding the concept.   There are many SAP customers with complex products and use the VC and IPC in this area and thanks to to Steven Schneider and Kevin Meyers for forming and continuing to get the message out. 
A second CWG chapter has been chartered for the northeastern part of the USA and for now includes: New York Metro area and New England states.  The chapter organizers are Daniel Naus and James Cross.  
For more information on how to form a chapter in your area read on...

This year’s North American conference is scheduled for one of our best venues and back by popular demand, Marco Island, Florida.

This forum provides you the VC and IPC professional and the configuration manager with detailed insight into peer-proven approaches and with some innovative customer project presentations.  There are more opportunities to network this year with others that come from different industries and from around the globe to share best practice experiences and knowledge. You also have the opportunity to engage directly with SAP and their partner community and learn about current and future solutions. 
Registration will be opening soon.

Hello CWG Berlin Conference attendees,

This year we used only an electronic, online survey versus using a paper survey and would like to thank each of you that participated.   This survey was important to the CWG because it helped us gather information quickly with some reporting that is very difficult to create or collect manually. 

If you took the survey you probably noticed this survey is a little different because you could exit the survey and return to where you left off, so it was not necessary to fill out the entire survey all at once.  The electronic survey will be a process we will use in future conferences as well and really seek you candid responses and especially your comments.