Tilting at Windmills

You've probably heard of Don Quixote. He was the guy Cervantes had running around Spain attacking windmills, thinking they were ruthless giants.

From his name we've gotten an adjective, called "quixotic."

According to Wikipedia "quixotic" means "idealistic and impractical," and not only am I all too often accused of that, it's also (and also all too often), exactly how I feel.

It must be how I feel. I'd be crazy not to feel that way.

It's been more than twelve years, and apparently I haven't realized that getting a "Best-of-Breed" configurator into the backbone of SAP, for which purpose the Configuration Workgroup was originally founded, way back in 1993, just isn't going to happen.

Or isn't it?

There's a fair amount of evidence that suggests that it's already there.

It's just that hardly anybody knows about it yet, and the people who should know about it apparently aren't talking.

It's as if it's a dark, dirty secret ... a secret with a very strange, unmentionable name ...

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A Light shines in Darkness ... Or does it?

Now the Valve example might be extreme, but it certainly serves the purpose. If you've got a complex configuration ... and many, many SAP customers do ... then you can easily benefit from Advanced Mode, even if you don't have "solutions," or "systems," or "bottom-up" configuration. It's there, it's in the system, and ... if you've got ERP2005, you've got it. There's absolutely no reason ... no good reason that I can think of, at any rate ... not to take advantage of it .... Henk Meeter, March 04, 2006 Copyright © by Henk Meeter

A Light shines in Darkness

Copyright © by Henk Meeter

Gathering Clouds

Those Configuration Workgroup members who've been participating for more than a year might remember that, before this last European CWG Conference in May, there were always pre-meetings devoted to the work of one or more of what were then called "Focus Groups."