Where does that data come from anyway??

Ah yes...The sun and surf are calling me again. It must be October soon..Instead of drinking good German beer, I'll be in Florida quaffing some watered down, overpriced major brew...But I'll be at the CWG conference, so all will be well. 

Yes, I'll be speaking on something, well, maybe more than one something..Read on for a preview of one topic that I'll be discussing..


Data Data Everywhere

Ever wonder what all that data gets used for up or downstream from good ol SAP?? How does it do that magical stuff it does in things like graphical configurators...Ever try to supply ALL the data those configurators need??? It's all in the data...Probelm is, there isn't enough of it...

Adding more Tabs and Buttons to the Interface

Hi there,

This maybe handy for some of you out there.  Every now and then the client will require more tabs and / or buttons than what SAP provide.  I think you can have 10 tabs and 15 buttons as standard.

But there are some SAP Notes that take through the process to allow for more.  I am not a techie, so I will list the notes that are applicable.  We have done this recently in a ECC6 system, but the same applies I think to other versions.