North Germany Chapter

Norddeutsches Chapter der CWG 

Sehr geehrte SAP Variantenkonfigurationsnutzer und –Nutzerinnen und User der CWG. Auf der letzten CWG Konferenz in Prag wurde diskutiert, ob es nicht endlich an der Zeit wäre, ein norddeutsches Chapter der CWG zu gründen, um uns auch im hohen Norden mit Ideen und Fragen rund um die SAP Konfiguration intensiver und besser austauschen zu können.

CWG 2023 Spring Conference

Next week we will have our 2023 Spring Conference in Montreal. Looking forward to seeing you there! We have about 100 attendees on-site and over 50 virtual. Many of the on-site attendees also stay for one of the three workshops on Wednesday. 

All registered attendees get access to the recordings and also our library of selected sessions from previous conferences. 



2021 European Fall Conference - Registration closed!

The European Fall Conference will be on October 10-12/13 and in Berlin, Germany with the opportunity to join an exclusive AVC modeling workshop held by SAP the following day (Oct 13).  This conference is planned as a 2-dayin-person event with most presentations being broadcasted live (hybrid setup)We are aware that travel is generally still limited, however, many members value the true networking of a face-to-face events. 

New value: free videos!

At our past virtual conference, we again had numerous excellent videos, i.e. narrated presentations. These were only accessible to registered conference attendees. The board has now decided to make a small set of the videos available to all CWG members for free on this page! The selection will regularly change, so make sure to come back often.  

CWG Free Videos of the month

CWG Board decided to make a few videos from the past conferences accessible to all members for a limited time! With this, we would like to showcase the excellent content served at these conferences. Make sure to regularly return to this page as we will periodically change the selection.

* Updated March 15th

Website upgrade finished!

Dear community,

The CWG website is one of our key assets with its rich content and wealth of information. We have been working hard in the past months and developed a new website based on the latest Drupal version 9. Our old website had a lot of legacy debris and was very difficult to maintain. Also maintenance end for DP 7 was on the horizon.