VC eLearning Trial - for a limited time


As some of you may know, over the years of my involvement with the CWG community I have promoted various ways of learning how to model.  When I first learnt VC I learnt the hard way using SAP help and within VC projects.  So I know how difficult it can be.

So over the years I have produced some simple lessons that made their way to various places on the internet and also posted in one of my blog entries.  Those lessons are quite old now and I think dying a slow death as web technology will probably make them obsolete in time.  In the last two years I also started a newsletter that many of you subscribe to.  It is fun to do and it provides a bit of freedom to talk about all sorts of aspects of modelling.

My latest offering has been to start developing an eLearning portal.  I did a trial release at the conference (Marco Island) in conjunction with Don Cochran at eSpline and also did some promotion using my newsletter.  

The trial is open to the end of October 2013 and if you are interested you are welcome to try it out.

It is not a whole VC course as I have not built it yet, but the first three lessons are available to try.  It is not perfect and may have some bugs but the purpose is to put it out there and get some feedback that I can incorporate into the new courses in development.  So any feedback is appreciated greatly.

The portal is

If you want to participate then you will need to create a new user when you click the "login" option.  Once done you will receive an email to confirm your details and then you can enrol in a course. If you are asked for an enrolment key then enter marco2013

Feel free to contact me by email if you have any questions