Is There BEER In Your Future?

Hello out there in CWG blogosphere... It seems kind of.... well.... Lonely in the blogosphere... Ah well.... Who knows what mysteries hide in the hearts of configuration professionals.... And more importantly, why they don't write more "stuff" for you to read... I guess I'll just have to step in and fill that void...


A couple of years ago I got told that while reading the portal, an employees boss peered over her shoulder..... And then asked "what's with all the BEER this Schneider guy talks about? Is THAT all that gets discussed at the CWG conferences?"


If you have paid any attention whatsoever, you know the answer... We talk about a BUNCH more than some lousy beer..... But I DO play a little game during my presentations... You know, to keep you all awake after lunch!!


After a year's hiatus (enforced due to travel budget restrictions, not lack of interest) Beer or No Beer is back!!!  But in a different form (I heard ya'll were gettin a a tad bored with the current format)...


I'm not going to tell you what that different form will be... You'll have to be in the room or see my presentation on the portal after the conference to know...


But in case you forgot, or have yet to play, here are the "rules"... OK, not hard and fast rules per se.... Kind of like the Pirates Code;

  • YOU have to win a "magical get some beer for free" card to get free beer from ME (well, OK... Some of you don't.. You know who you are)
  • I am the sole judge and jury of what the "correct" answer is AND who said it (meaning I get to decide WHO gets the free beer)
  • Once you win a card, YOU have to find ME in a bar from Monday to Wednesday night (a restaurant doesn't count).. 
  • Once you find me in a bar, YOU have to present your card to ME in order to get any beer.
  • I get to determine the NUMBER of free beers YOU get (and it does vary, but there is at least one (hint, find me in the Hilton bar between 5 and 7pm and it's at least 2))
  • I get to determine (at any time\year\conference) how many years the "magical get some beer for free" card is valid (again, that varies)
  • YOU assume all liability for anything and everything that happens as a result of winning a "magical get some beer for free" card  


So what the heck... What do you have to lose??? COme on down to Robert's Island and play Beer Or No Beer with me!!

See ya,