What Happens in Vegas.......

Las Vegas 2016 CWG Conference is over... So let's start planning the spring conference... The voting is leaning towards Hamburg at this particular moment..


But I wonder... In Vegas we had around 115 people. On day 1, a question was asked of the audience; "How many people voted for Las Vegas?" I think 5 people raised their hands.. Not sure why this happened, but it does make me wonder about the whole "voting" thing..

Although, I admit... I'd rather do Hamburg than Barcelona... I like German beer better... :)


The content in Vegas was really good! We had 17 SAP people there, including the Vice President responsible for Configuration! He gave the keynote that discussed SAP's views about how Configuration is a strategic enabler.. Not only for the customer, but for SAP as well.. I thought that was good especially since I've been attending the CWG since 2000 and have never heard this message from SAP.

My big conclusion after this conference??? SAP is serious about Configuration.. It won't be regarded as the "red headed stepchild" anymore... 

Of course, time will tell if my opinion is true.. 


Other great content came from Stefan Kienzle and contained the latest and greatest about VC in S/4.. Then the eLogic folks put on a fantastic show with some little known tips. The highlite of Day 3 for me was Daniel Naus and the fantastic news about the CWG Sandbox!

By the way... If you haven't seen what the folks from ConfigAir can do with 3D, you really owe it to yourself to go check it out!! Awesome stuff guys!

And poor SAP.. They had to put up with my smart a** remarks about their UI prototype;

But HEY FOLKS, this is one of the best parts of the conference!! 2 conferences in a row, SAP offered up their latest thinking for hands on critique.. Best part of all, they were VERY willing to hear negative as well as positive remarks!

If you miss out on these sessions, you have only yourself to blame.. It's a fantastic method to get your input directly into the new software offering. Take advantage of it!!


Yes, I admit it...

I stood up and talked for a while, even though Karlheinz stole 15 minutes from me with an excellent update on the Product Development for CPQ.. But I seemed to get through it all..

Fair warning... Beer or No Beer may be done... I probably won't be doing much in the way of presenting anymore.. It's all that getting old stuff and handing the baton to someone else.. I'm sure there will be some surprises along the way though!!


And then there was Vegas... If you could get checked in;

the hotel was nice.. But crowded!!

But Vegas is all about money. From the extra $400.00 security deposit to the highway robbery for power (which is why we didn't have any)..However, there was some interesting things that happened... Like finding Rama's buddies on the Strip;


And hitting a couple of interesting breweries;

and, of course, no trip to Vegas is complete without seeing Fremont Street;

Especially when the lights go on!!


For some strange reason, not all of the presenters got their stuff in the hands of the folks to upload them.. But go check out all the other great presentations available in the document share..

A HUGE thanks to all the hard working people that make these conferences happen!!

Do yourself a favor... Get thee to the next CWG conference (in Hamburg??)!!