2010 Vienna Conference - Tracks and Sessions overview

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Day 1 -  Monday - General Sessions - (Reitschule Room)

Introduction and Welcome - Peter Illing

President's Address - 2009 Update and 2010 View  8:45am

Customer Story - How to Search Variant Tables to Retrieve "Best Fit" Results - Ullrich Schmidt 9:15am

Visualization - Customer facing VC - from customer known cstics to SAP known BOMs - Peter Keller  10:30am

SAP Development Update and Outlook - Marcus Behrens  11:15am

SAP - Integrated Product Development for Configurable Products with PLM 7.01 - Harald Vogel

Customer Story - Variant Configuration at MHZ Hactel GmbH - Alexander Auffinger 2:15pm

Best Practices - SAP - Mini Bag of Hints - Michael Zarges 3:30pm

CWG Sandbox - Update and Demonstration - Daniel Naus and Marin Ukalovic   3:45pm

SAP Reference Customer Program - Marin Ukalovic 4:15pm

CWG Chapter Highlights & Influencing Opportunities - Don Cochran, Bill Dorow  (Remote) 4:30pm

Day 2 Multi-Track Highlights and Review 5:00pm

 Day 2 & 3 - Tuesday & Wednesday - Track 1 - SAP - (Levade Room)
 Influence SAP - Usability Test - Session 1  8:30 - 10:00am

 Influence SAP - Usability Test - Session 2  10:30 - 12:00pm

 Influence SAP - Usability Test - Session 3  1:30 - 3:00pm

 Influence SAP - Usability Test - Session 4  3:30 - 5:00pm

 Day 2 - Tuesday - Track 2 - SAP Updates - (Große Reitschule Room)
Order Engineering Workbench a solution review - Marin Ukalovic and Frank Wietzorrek

Variant configuration - LOVC product model / CRM quote - which interface? - Marin Ukalovic and Markus Jaeckle

Extending SAP Configuration - Interfaces and Architecture - Harald Vogel 10:30am

Product Definition in Metals, Paper, Textiles and related industries - Stefan Weisenberger 11:15am

Best Practices - Professional VC usage: a role play - Christoph Mangold and Markus Jaeckle 1:30pm

Declarative Modeling at SAP Revisited - Albert Haag 2:15pm

Class recursive material variants in SAP ERP - Alexander Baumann  3:30pm

UI Designer for the SAP Configurator: A Deep Dive - Marcus Behrens

SAP Custom Development Overview and Update - Steve Lenz 4:45pm

Day 2 - Tuesday - Track 3 - Best Practices - (Kleine Reitschule Room)
Innovations - New containers for SAP content and extend SAP to new users - Henrik Reif Andersen  8:30am

Integrated MS-Word Generation in SAP/ERP-SD - Thomas Gelzhäuser 9:15am

IPC Offline Solution for Still GmbH - a sales application for independent vendors - Matthias Plietz 10:30am

Testing configuration models - basics and foundations  Dr.Christoph Mangold  11:15am

Extending KMATs with SMATs - Henrik Reif Andersen and Peter Tiedemann 1:30pm

Innovations - ConfigModeler and VClipse - languages and IDEs for product modeling - Tim Geisler 2:15pm

External Configuration on top of SAP LO-VC product models - Bjoern Hofling 3:30pm

More flexibility - Orisa Web Framework as an alternative user interface for IPC applications - Michael Stanek  4:15pm

Open 4:45pm

Day 2 -  Tuesday - Track 4 - Partner Solutions - (Linke Pirouette Room)
Improved Planning and Forecasting processes in the Aerospace MRO industry with VC - Juergen Bauer (Remote)  8:30am

Best Practices - Is there such a thing as "Best Practices" for Pricing in VC? - Phil Martin (Remote) 9:15am

Graphical Configuration with SAP VC - Lars Verbuchels and Andreas Liesche (remote) 10:30am

Best Practices - Integrating Automatic VC and IPC Testing into Your Current Processes - David Silverman, Bolek Vrany and Christophe Faure 11:15am

New features of the PME VC with PLM 2010  - Karlheinz Agsteiner 1:30pm

Productivity - Adding Governance to your VC Change process - Daniel Naus (Remote) 2:15pm

New VC Web UI and Graphical Maintenance of Dependancies for Product Structures with PLM 2010 - Karlheinz Agsteiner 3:30pm

Visualization - Innovations in User Interfaces - 3D Visualization - Daniel Naus (Remote) 4:15pm

SAP - Product Data Replication and How to Use it - Daniel Naus (Remote) 4:45pm

Day 3 - Wednesday - General Session - (Reitschule Room)
 Presenter Thank you - Peter Illing 8:30am

CRM Upgrade - 4.0 to 7.0 - FG Wilson/Caterpillar - Bill Hamilton (Remote) and Marc Iraschko 8:45am

Caching for the IPC - Peter Illing  9:30am

SAP - Best of Breed Configuration with SAP - Henk Meeter 10:30am

Overview - Variant Configurator - Barry Walton (Remote)  11:15am

Expert Q&A - Open Discussion and Influencing Discussion - Marcus Behrens, Henk Meeter, Albert Haag, Michael Zarges, Bill Dorow and many more... 11:45am

Lunch/Conference Close12:30pm