Low-Level Dependencies in AVC

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Low-Level Dependencies in AVC

We are often ask how lo-level depedencies are executed in AVC models. Therefore some clarifiacation on this topic:

The AVC model consists of two parts:

  • High Level part:  dependencies assigned to configuration profile, characteristics and characteristic values   
    -> use processing mode Advanced
  • Low Level part:   dependencies assigned to BOM items and common objects of routing (e.g. operations)
    -> use processing mode Classic

The low-level-dependencies in BOM are executed during BOM explosion. The BOM explosion is processed

  • During high-level configuration, e.g.
    • Changing the instance for valuation
    • Manual triggering of BOM explosion in structure tree
    • Leaving the configuration
  • MRP
  • Conversion of planned order into production order
  • and so on …

Low-level object dependencies have full read access to all high-level characteristic values (read access of high-level cstics). High level characteristics cannot be changed by low-level procedures (no write access of  high-level cstics). You are still able to assign procedures to BOM items e.g. to change item quantity (STPO-MENGE) or for class node replacement. You can use all standard reference characteristics of low-level configuration as you are used to.