Variant Functions/BADI equivalent in CPQ

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Variant Functions/BADI equivalent in CPQ

Back in IPC days, we used to re-write the Variant Function/p-function logic again in JAVA for the knowledgebases in IPC to work (obviously not a best practice but that's how it was!). Since SAP Cloud applications like CPQ still use Knowledgebases, can we still do this, or are we just restricted to SAP delivered "Extensions aka "Variant Functions" only?

Reference SAP Note: 2695561 - Standard Variant Functions for common use cases:

Customers are using SAP variant configuration (LO-VC) and want to create dependencies for use cases that are not covered by the standard syntax such as string conversions or date calculations. For that, they are typically implementing so-called variant functions or pfunctions with customer code.
However, custom code cannot be executed in cloud environments, for example in SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing.

We are using AVC in S/4 HANA.