Website upgrade finished!

Dear community,

The CWG website is one of our key assets with its rich content and wealth of information. We have been working hard in the past months and developed a new website based on the latest Drupal version 9. Our old website had a lot of legacy debris and was very difficult to maintain. Also maintenance end for DP 7 was on the horizon.

Mainly all of the changes were done under the hood and are not visible to the regular user. The new website will make it easier to stay up-to-date and introduce visible enhancements in the future. Compare it to an ECC to S/4 upgrade...

This has changed for you:

- It has a fresher look, but we did not do any changes in terms of content and functionality, so it should be easy to get used to it.

- The menu on the left side has gone and items were either moved to the top bar or the right hand side. 

- There is a new module for private messages. Unfortunately, old private messages could not be migrated.

- Responsive design allows using the page on a phone with at least decent handling

- We are aware of a few minor glitches, partially some modules do not have the same level of maturity, yet. Nevertheless, please let us know if you found some bug. We are also happy to hear about things you like.


Your CWG Board of Directors