AVC Constraints with Default Values (green check marks)

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AVC Constraints with Default Values (green check marks)

AVC Fiori app for Configuration has a green checkmark next to each characteristic with defaults and the user has an option to "Accept the Default Value" by clicking on the green checkmark. When using a Constraint with a Variant Table, when the Characteristics in the table have default values, even with the green checkmark, the constraint triggers and the user cannot see the values other than the default values in the drop-down if that is the only available with those defaults in the Variant table. Essentially the green checkmark is treated like an assigned value even before Accepts it. Please see the attached example.  Apparently this the current status of AVC with the green check-marks. 

I was wondering if anyone has found a work-around so that when the initial green check marks are on, the user can drop-down and see all values, and the constraint triggers only when one of the values is selected.

Attached is the table.