AVC - Nested Configurations - BRIM (Solution Object)

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AVC - Nested Configurations - BRIM (Solution Object)

The Business requirements are complex that single Level product configurations not supported as there are instances at multiple levels to select multiple servers which are offered at predefined and custom scenarios 

The BRIM Solution Object - Quotation does not support the Bill of Materials for Advanced Variant Configuration. If we try to use the product bundle, we lose the connection of rolling up of the server that are calculated at the child configuration that require custom programs and at the same time multiple child line items has to flow to the subscription contracts which have a heavy performance issues during change orders.

Is there any solution for AVC modelling products to handle these scenarios ? 

Is there a possibility to use knowledge base, regenerate the configuration in an external system, the user will configure based on the VC rules, execute the results but send only the required attributes with values to BRIM. The configuration product that is in the BRIM will act as a placeholder.