Research on "VC on HANA": care to answer a short survey? Interested in more?


Brief summary: we need your help in finding the most important performance bottlenecks in VC. With this help, we can look at the right places to apply HANA technology and make VC faster. We've created a survey for this, and we'd want to you spend a few minutes answering it.

I still remember that CWG presentation where the presenter stated that VC takes a minute for each roundtrip with their model, and somebody from a competitor company in the audience shouted "What? so little?"...

I also remember that customer presentation where they told us that a single full BOM explosion would take them hours to process.

It's safe to say that if you think about how much unnecessary coffee companies have to purchase because employees need to go for a coffee while waiting for their software, and another coffee, and one more coffee, ... then VC is fairly high on this "coffee ranking".

But now's your chance to help reduce world coffee consumption: experts at SAP are doing research on how we might leverage the power of our in-memory database HANA to improve performance of VC. The problem is: VC is complex, used in many business processes, so my colleagues need knowledge about what process, what aspect causes most "customer performance pain" to focus their attention on what's most important. Also, the colleagues would like to get in touch with customers who are willing to spend some more time co-innovating with us.

As a first step, please answer this 10-question survey that a colleague has created:

The ten questions in the survey should take somewhere between 5 minutes and 30 minutes to answer, depending on how well you know your models and business processes.

A word of warning: HANA can drastically improve the performance of normal business software. But as you probably know, VC consists of sophisticated algorithms. In fact, it is rather a programming language than normal business software.  There will be no simple, straightforward cooking recipe that allows us to tune VC by just using a mindboggingly fast database below it. This is hard research, and at the current time I can't even speculate on what the outcome of this research will be.

The only thing I know for sure is that with your your feedback to that survey and your willingness to co-innovate we'll be much better off in that research than without it.