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Upcoming CWG Conferences

Registration open for the next CWG EUROPEAN FALL Conference 

in Berlin

Scandic Hotel Berlin

October 4th - 6th 2020

(Sunday evening - Tuesday afternoon - Two full days Content and workshops)

You read that right. The CWG will not be holding a Conference in the USA in 2020. Due to ongoing concerns with the COVID-19 pandemic and where things stand in the USA regarding travel restrictions and the economic impacts to Corporate conference and travel budgets, the CWG has decided to follow up the tremendous success of the Global Virtual Conference in May/June with an abbreviated 2 day conference in Berlin, Germany on Oct. 4-6, 2020. As a result of this schedule change, the next CWG Conference to be held in the USA is planned for Spring of 2021. We are flipping the seasons on our bi-annual conferences and intend to retain this new schedule for the foreseeable future.

The number of seats available for the 2020 CWG European Conference will be limited due to the social distancing requirements in the venues. The format we are planning on for the conference will of course focus on Live presentations, but our plan is to include a virtual component to all of our future conferences as we look to overcome the impact of travel and budget restrictions on the content we bring to the CWG community. 

With this communication, we are also announcing the first call for presentations for the 2020 CWG European Fall Conference.  Please consider providing a presentation for the CWG European Fall Conference.  Share your knowledge with the rest of the configuration community with an in-person presentation, a live presentation provided remotely via Zoom, or as a pre-recorded presentation that can viewed at anytime by the conference attendees.  Some ideas to consider presenting on would include:

  • Implementation Stories - Successes and Failures
  • Syntax Overviews and Usages
  • The impacts of the pandemic on your implementation or modeling team
  • Data Governance Strategies within a distributed work force
  • AVC Data Conversions
  • AVC Implementations
  • Tricks and Tips
  • Engineering Change Management Usages
  • Frontoffivce and Cloud Strategies and Implementations 
  • Custom Solutions
  • Data Testing Solutions, Practices, or Strategies
  • Engineer to Order vs. Configure to Order - or do you do Both?

The topics to present on go well beyond the short list of ideas listed above.  Be a creator, not just a consumer, of information at the next conference and let others benefit from your experience.

All submissions will be reviewed by the CWG Program Committee and the submission deadline is September 18, 2020 with preference given to presentation abstracts submitted prior to August 31, 2020.

Click here to submit an abstract.  You will be taken to a Google form that you will need to fill in and submit.  No User name or password will be required in order to submit your presentation abstract.  Just answer the questions in the Google form and click the submit button at the bottom of the form.  If you have any questions, you can send them to the programcommittee@configuration-workgroup.com  







A look back: CWG 2020 Virtual Conference in May/June:

  • Conference had a mix of over 50 narrated presentations which can be consumed by registered attendees during a given timeframe and several live presentations plus interactive sessions such as Q&A, roundtables
  • Conference has opened on May 18 with an address by the president and chairman and closed on June 5. During that timeframe, narrated presentations are accessible. So you had 3 weeks of configuration fun this time.
  • Recordings and stored presentations remained online until July 17th. 
  • The dates for the live sessions were the three days May 26-28, 2020. It will be 3 hours in the afternoon European time, morning US time zones and evening in Asia to allow broad global coverage. See the conference schedule. 
  • Registration fee was 99 Euro (+VAT) to cover platform costs and losses resulting from the cancellation of the Hamburg event. Please keep in mind that CWG is a non-profit organization!
  • You got it: 3 is the magic number. 3 weeks of content, 3 live days, each lasting 3 hours. Net registration fee is 3 times 33 Euro. 
  • You had opportunities to exchange with seasoned experts and development responsibles from SAP. 

The board says THANK YOU to all presenters and to the many attendees!