Registration for 2011 European CWG Conference in Köln (Cologne), Germany

It’s time once again to get together and absorb the best practices of others and to share the SAP Configuration knowledge we've learned. We are pleased to announce that the Spring 2011 CWG European Conference will be held at the Radisson Blu Hotel in the picturesque & historic city of Cologne, Germany from Sunday May 8 through Wednesday May 11, 2011. 

The Conference Planning committee has been hard at work over the past few months securing this fine venue for our conference. We were able to negotiate: 

  1. An affordable per night single room rate of €135 + tax which includes Internet access & their sumptuous Breakfast Buffet.
  2. A Sunday evening Meet and Greet at 7 PM in the Hotel.
  3. An excellent environment for networking & learning how to maximize your configuration potential.
  4. The standard €300 Conference fee is reduced to €250 if you complete registration no later than April 8th, 2011. The conference fee covers meeting hall expenses, pre-conference Meet & Greet, a lunchtime buffet, and beverages/snacks at breaks throughout the conference day.
  5. We encourage you to book your reservation as early as possible to ensure your travel plans can be met.


Registration Type Conference Signup Date Conference Fee
Early Bird on or before April 08, 2011 € 250
Regular on or after  April 09, 2011 € 300


Please follow this documentation to register for the event

  1. Click on the registration link at bottom of this page "Sign up for Registration for 2011 European CWG Conference in Cologne, Germany"
  2. Click on the button "Sign Up" to start the sign up process once you have filled in some attendance questions.
  3. Use the link provided in the confirmation email to get to the reservation service page.
  4. Sign up and pay for the event on the reservation service page.
    (Because this service is not offered by CWG you need to create an account which is not related to the CWG account)
  5. Note the login and password that are assigned to you (there is an option to print them out).
    You must use your login/password to come back to the site and make changes.

Please follow this documentation to edit or cancel your registration

  1. Click in the information link at the bottom of this page "Your sign up information"
  2. Update:
    Change your setting and use the button "Update" to update your information.
  3. Cancel:
    Use the link "Cancel singup"
    Confirm your cancelation by using the Button "Cancel signup"
  4. Edit or cancel your registration on the reservation service page
    (Use this link)
  5. Use the login and password that you have noted during the registration


If you have any questions or problems please contact

Registration needs to be completed or canceled by our reservation service provider .  Follow the links in your confirmation email to reach the Reservation Service website. The registration on the CWG Website below is only for our records to double check if every attendee completed the registration or cancel process.