2011 Cologne - CWG Conference - Tracks and Presentations Overview


2011 European Configuration Workgroup Conference - Cologne, Germany
The list below includes current scheduled presentations and times are subject to change
Presentation title Date & Track Schedule

Day 1 - Monday - General Session

Registration and Sign in 7:30 - 8:30am

Welcome and Introduction 8:30am

President's Address - Bill Dorow 8:45am

SAP - Harald Vogel - Configuration Overview and Outlook 9:15am

Best Practices - 10 IPC Topics every VC Modeler Should Know (About) - eSpline - Daniel Naus 10:30am

SAP - Customer Reference Program - Marin Ukalovic


Best Practices - Procedures are Procedural and Constraints are Declarative: A Simple Look - Integrity GmbH - Peter Illing


Lunch & Networking (First Time Attendees Recognition)

SAP - Development Update - Michael Zarges 1:30pm

Customer - Wincor Nixdorf - VC Configuration at Wincor Nixdorf - Karl-Wilhelm Oehl 2:15pm

Keynote - Continuous Improvement by Customer Connection - Martin Riedel 3:30pm

CWG - Chapter Update and direction - Don Cochran 4:15pm

Customer - Siemens CMT - Ergonomic configuration improvements using an enhanced IPC UI - Krisztian Koavcs 4:30pm

Day 2 - Tuesday - Track 1
SAP Updates & Influencing

SAP - PME/VC: Model Check Tool, News, Outlook - Roland Kaschner and Michael Zarges 8:30am

SAP - PME/VC Detailing of Requirements from Customer Connection Initiative - Michael Zarges and Roland Kaschner 9:15am

SAP - Configuration Scenarios for subsidiaries and resellers - Harald Vogel 10:30am

SAP - New Feature VC Characteristics with Quality Management - Stefan Weisenberger 11:15am

Lunch & Networking

SAP - Product Variants with SAP CRM and IPC - Andreas Kraemer 1:30pm

SAP - Best Run SAP Customers can now run Solution Sales Configuration - Steve Lenz, Berhard Teltscher, Bill Dorow, Nishan Pillay 2:15pm

SAPPME-VC Detailing of requirements from Customer Connection Intiative - Michael Zarges and Roland Kaschner 3:30pm

SAP - IPC 7.0 Product Configuration JSP UI: Architecture and Modification Concept - Franco Schletter 4:15pm

 Day 2 - Tuesday - Track 2
Best Practices

Customer - SIemens CMT - Extending the capabilities of VC with Variant Functions -  two examples One Step Behind and Configuration Extension - Peter Muthsam and Mihaela Titere 8:30am

Partner - Modeling KMATS for Visualization with XAML - Configit - Henrik Reif Andersen & Lars Hoegsted 9:15am

Partner - Reorganize Your Model Without Side Effects - Sybit - Christoph Mangold 10:30am

SAP - SAP Sales Configuration with IPC - Jens Hottendorf and Martin Herz 11:15am

Lunch & Networking

Customer - Gebhardt Fordertechnik - Quotation and Sales Order Cockpit - (German) Stephan Riemensperger and Ernst Wegener 1:30pm

Best Practices - Domain Specific Languages for Product Modeling - WebXcerpt Software GmbH - Tim Geisler 2:15pm

SAP - Maintaining Configurable Products and Product Packages in SAP CRM - Bernhard Teltscher 3:30pm

Influencing - SIG Round Table Discussion: Influencing SAP - Bill Dorow, et al 4:15pm

Day 2 - Tuesday - Track 3
Partner Solutions

Partner - Testing Configuration Models in VC and IPC: The Sybit Model Tester - Sybit GmbH - Christoph Mangold and Markus Jaeckle 8:30am

Partner - Be a Part of it: Sybit ERP Professional VC Add-on - Sybit GmbH - Markus Jaeckle 9:15am

Partner - Resource based configuration in SAP LO-VC - Lessons learned at Kuka Group- encoway GmbH - Helge Gercken and Bjorn Hofling 10:30am

Partner - Auditing your VC Changes - (Evil Auditor vs. VC Good Guys): Role Play - eSpline - Don Cochran, Daniel Naus & David Silverman 11:15am

Lunch & Networking

OPEN SLOT 1:30pm

Partner - Transforming Product Models - eSpline - David Silverman 2:15pm

SAP - SAP Developer Challenge - Multiple Presenters - SAP on Mobile Devices 3:30 - 5:00pm

Day 3 - Wednesday - General Session

Presenter Thank you - Robert Eramo 8:00am

SAP Configuration on Mobile Devices - Choose the Winner - Harald Vogel, et al 8:30am

CWG Sandbox - Update and new capabilities - Daniel Naus 9:00am

Customer - Nokia Siemens Networks - VC/IPC Model Test Automation Experiences at Nokia Siemens Networks - Winfried Kung 9:15am

Customer/Partner - Siemens SP / Orisa - Config of Service Solutions and Concepts - Stefan Porten /  Matthias Plietz 10:30am

SAP - Predicting Demand for Configurable Products - Helmut Linde 11:15am

Lunch & Networking

Expert Roundtable - Q&A - Edgar Sommer and other VC and IPC experts 1:30 - 3:00pm

2011 European CWG Conference End

Post Conference - Hands-on With Partner Products - SAP Challenge Participants 3:00pm - ??