Beer or no Beer - Marco Island 2012

Do you like free beer?

Fair warning!!!


Assuming my presentation (ECM 101) gets on the schedule, I will be playing Beer Or No Beer again this year... Why am I telling you this now??


Because the ONLY questions that will be elegible for free beer will be CWG historical related questions!!! Yes, I will be asking other questions of the audience during this presentation, but if it's not specifically noted as a CWG Historical item, a correct answer will NOT win you a "magical get some beer for free" card...

Almost all of the eligible questions will be taken directly from things you will be able to find on the portal, but beware!!! Some might even be from things done BEFORE the portal was created... You just never know...


Remember the "Rules"....

  • YOU have to win a "magical get some beer for free" card to get free beer from ME
  • YOU can win a  "magical get some beer for free" card ONLY by attending my presentation AND being identified as the first person saying the "correct" answer
  • I am the sole judge and jury of what the "correct" answer is AND who said it
  • Once you win a card, YOU have to find ME in a bar from Monday to Wednesday night (a restaurant doesn't count)
  • I get to determine the NUMBER of free beers you get (and it does vary, but there is at least one (hint, find me in the Hilton bar between 5 and 7pm and it's at least 2))
  • I get to determine (at any time\year\conference) how many years the "magical get some beer for free" card is valid (again, that varies)
  • YOU assume all liability for anything and everything that happens as a result of winning a "magical get some beer for free" card  


So, if you like free beer, brush up on your CWG history and lets have some fun!!