Upcoming CWG Conferences

Live sessions are over, but presentations/recordings are still available! 

  • Conference has a mix of over 50 narrated presentations which can be consumed by registered attendees during a given timeframe and several live presentations plus interactive sessions such as Q&A, roundtables
  • Conference has opened on May 18 with an address by the president and chairman and closed on June 5. During that timeframe, narrated presentations are accessible. So you had 3 weeks of configuration fun this time.
  • Recordings and stored presentations will remain online at least until July 17th. 
  • The dates for the live sessions were the three days May 26-28, 2020. It will be 3 hours in the afternoon European time, morning US time zones and evening in Asia to allow broad global coverage. See the conference schedule. 
  • Registration fee is 99 Euro (+VAT) to cover platform costs and losses resulting from the cancellation of the Hamburg event. Please keep in mind that CWG is a non-profit organization!
  • You got it: 3 is the magic number. 3 weeks of content, 3 live days, each lasting 3 hours. Net registration fee is 3 times 33 Euro. 
  • You had opportunities to exchange with seasoned experts and development responsibles from SAP. 

The board says THANK YOU to all presenters and to the many attendees!