Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN) Chapter

This Chapter is also being organized.  The process began in November with eMail invitations to members within approximately 2 hours of the Twin Cities have been sent out asking for them to participate, join and help in the planning.  Bill Dorow is leading the organization effort for this Chapter.  Any CWG member or company employees using the SAP VC or IPC are welcome to join the Twin Cities Chapter.  We only ask that you become a CWG member first.  

Take advantage of this  opportunity to network with other VC and IPC professionals in the area and add some of your own experiences so that others can learn too.  A LinkedIn Group has also been established so that Twin Cities Chapter members can network with one another and also receive announcements and participate in specific discussions.

Announcement: SAP CWG Twin Cities Chapter Networking Dinner (2/19)

The SAP CWG Twin Cities Chapter is hosting a networking dinner on February 19th. The purpose of this dinner is to bring SAP CWG members who are in the Twin Cities area together to meet other members of the CWG and network. As part of this networking dinner, we will discuss what benefit's and expectation we would like to see in our SAP CWG Twin Cities Chapter and how we will proceed.

We would like to get an initial count of those planning on attending this dinner in the next week and then a final count as we get closer to the date.  If your interested in joining us, please send me an email Bill Dorow with your interest and probability of attending (High, Medium, Low).

We look forward to seeing you there.

Location:      Gluek's (16 North Street MN … Near Target Center  )
Date:             February 19, 2010
Time:             6:00 PM CST
Note:             Each guest will pay for their own meal separately.