What LO-VC Topics Would YOU like to see presented at a CWG Conference?

If you've been following the conversation in my blog post titled "CWG Observations" you might have noticed a theme. Namely that there is not as much presentation material for LO-VC topics as "some people" (OK, me) think there should be.

Some of the comments I've received via email have suggested some topics. I'd like to make them public as well as have a place where you can comment about what you'd like to see.

We'll start with a blog post, but knowing that the forums are really where people go, this may end up as a conversation in the forums.


Just remember, suggesting a topic does not mean that topic will be presented. Before a topic can be presented, someone has to be willing to build the material and get up on stage to give it. A topic can be a general presentation topic, a round table, whatever you think is best for your topic.


I''l start the list with what I've received and\or would like to see. Please add your suggestions into the comments of this post and THEN consider taking a topic and presenting it at an upcoming CWG conference.


Improving Order BOM Functionality
What is an Order BOM?
Use cases for multiple Configuration Profiles
Multi Value characteristics in constraints
Inheritance through a multi level BOM
Configurable routings, what can you actually do?
Class size and performance
Constructing an efficient class hierarchy
Use cases for Engineering Change Management
Hands on workshop for Engineering Change Management
Date shifting-safe or not safe?
Use case for Object Management Records
Value Assignment Alternatives in variant tables-Worth the effort?
High level configuration for Manufacturing components
Moving data from plant A to Plant B
Data Governance, what and how do you accomplish it for VC objects?

I think you get the idea...

So go forth and dream. What LO-VC topics would YOU like to see presented at a CWG conference??